Perubahan Psikologis Pada Ibu Hamil Trimester III

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R. Nety Rustikayanti
Ira Kartika
Yanti Herawati


A woman on the gestation period will experience both physical and psychological changes. These changes have  an  impact on the  fulfillment of  basic needs, including sexuality. Changes in pregnant women’s perceived psychology can result in decreased sexual desire of the women. This study aimed to describe the relationship of psychological changes of pregnant women with the husband’s sexual satisfaction level. The study used cross sectional design with a population of third  trimester pregnant women who  did  checkups in  May 2015 as  many as  183 couples. Sampling technique used accidental sampling and sample size was 46 couples. The instrument used was a questionnaire and Psychological Changes Index of Sexual Satisfaction (ISS). Data analysis  used  Chi-square test.  The  results  showed  that  as  many  as  54.3%  of  respondents experienced a positive psychological change.  Conclusion of the study is that the more positive physiological  changes  in  pregnant  women  will  result  in  higher  sexual  satisfaction  of  her husband.

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Rustikayanti, R. N., Kartika, I., & Herawati, Y. (2016). Perubahan Psikologis Pada Ibu Hamil Trimester III. SEAJOM: The Southeast Asia Journal of Midwifery, 2(1), 45-49.