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Winancy Gunawan
Wa ode Hajrah


As an alternative to providing energy during late pregnancy and childbirth, dates give many benefits, such as assisting contractions. Dates have high carbohydrate content so that fatigue that occurs during labor, especially in the active phase, can be reduced. By dividing the sample into two groups, namely the experimental group and the control group, the intervention of date palm juice was seen based on the duration of the active phase of labor. It was known that the experimental group had a shorter duration of labor than that of the control group with a p value equal to 0.000. Therefore, date juice is proven to shorten the duration of active phase labor.

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Gunawan, W., Aticeh, & Hajrah, W. ode. (2020). THE EFFECT OF DATE PALM JUICE CONSUMPTION ON THE ACTIVE PHASE OF LABOR AMONG PRIMIGRAVIDA. SEAJOM: The Southeast Asia Journal of Midwifery, 6(1), 16-21.


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