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Cindy Sari Agustin


Labor is the time that pregnant women look forward to experience and feel happiness. In labor there are uterine contractions that cause pain, although pain is a physiological process, if not treated immediately it will have a negative impact on the mother and baby. This study aims to reduce pain during the first stage of the active phase of labor. In the journal tracking methodology section, Aromatherapy Lavender pain Labor with Boolean operators used for this journal search are "OR" and "AND". The data sources used for related journal searches are PubMed and Google Scholer. In the search for journals on E-Data based, it is limited to 10 years of publication, which is in the range of 2012 to 2022. The pain scale was obtained after the pretest, when the mother experienced contractions, which was on a scale of 4 (moderate pain). Meanwhile, after being given the intervention, namely giving lavender aromatherapy for 60 minutes, a posttest was carried out after 30 minutes, a pain scale of 3 (mild pain) was obtained, which means that there is an effect of giving lavender aromatherapy to the reduction of labor pain in the first stage of the active phase in maternity. Lavender aromatherapy can reduce labor pain in the active phase of the 1st stage because it contains linalool and eklephalin which can reduce pain naturally. Therefore, it is better for mothers who will give birth to choose lavender aromatherapy as an alternative that mothers can choose to reduce pain during labor

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Cindy Sari Agustin, & Ferina. (2022). LINALOOL IN LAVENDER AROMATHERAPY REDUCE LABOR PAIN . SEAJOM: The Southeast Asia Journal of Midwifery, 8(2), 67-74.


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